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Education Perspective tutors are ready to prepare you for the SAT. Our sessions are one-on-one in the convenience of the student’s home. Our SAT preparation services begin with a 1.5 hour session each week with the option to change the session length at anytime. You are not bound by a long-term contract and there is no minimum nor maximum amount of sessions required. We suggest that students experience four sessions to gauge a notable difference. We also suggest that students dedicate 2-4 hours each week studying for the SAT on their own and utilize their sessions with an Education Perspective tutor to “recap” the areas causing concern. In addition, at only $75 an hour, Education Perspective SAT preparation sessions cost a fraction of the price charged by learning centers and many private tutors. Best of all the sessions are always private. Call today for more information.

SAT Study Tips

  • Buy a study guide that contains sample SATs. Many of the SAT study books available have a built in study program which will help you organize a study plan. Remember, if you have waited too long (less than two months until the exam), you should focus on understanding the test sections rather than strategy.

  • Familiarize yourself with the structure of the test. Know that questions typically get harder from the front of each section to the back. The SAT is comprised of three sections - Writing, Math, and Reading - and a variety of question types in each one. You need to understand each type of question, as well as the test's actual 10-part format.

  • Schedule your study time because SAT prep can be daunting. The important thing is to divide your time among the three sections and set out exactly when you're going to study each one. For example, you may set aside one to two hours a day for four evenings and study Writing one night, Math the next, Reading on the third, and all three on the fourth.

  • When you study Math, your primary goal is to make sure you're familiar with all types of questions and to review issues where you may be rusty.

  • When you study Writing, practice the essay once if you have time. After that, work through each type of multiple choice question as many times as possible. As you review your answers, try to identify the grammar or structural issues that are giving you problems.

  • When you study Reading, time yourself and work on full sections. This usually takes 25 minutes. SAT Reading is largely about digesting and finding information in a limited amount of time. Rather than reviewing the answers that you missed, spend your time practicing more sections.

  • You will be tempted to stay up all night studying the evening before the exam, especially if you procrastinated. No matter what, do not attempt to cram the night before. The SAT is long – more than four hours on average – and you will need a fresh brain to do your best.

  • Prepare the night before the SAT by organizing your materials calculator, pencils, etc. – to eliminate any additional stress the morning of the exam. And remember to eat a healthy breakfast to jump start your brain. Also bring a power bar or snack with you. Though you will not be permitted to eat during the exam you will have a break which is the perfect opportunity to quickly nourish your mind.

  • Consider an Education Perspective SAT preparation tutor.

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