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What does a typical consulting relationship include?
Academic records are analyzed, and then a timetable for testing,
applications, tours and interviews is arranged. After consulting our
extensive database of institutions and entrance requirements, we recommend
a range to be further explored, and assist in the decision process. We
help to prepare the student for every step of the application and
admission process. Clients can expect the following:

• A continuous focus on finding the “best fit” colleges
• Personal attention to your concerns
• Conferences with you and your child to develop an individual plan of action
• Advice on a standardized testing schedule and test preparation
• Organizational strategies and timelines
• Resume development and presentation
• Assistance with planning college visits
• Assistance with essays and personal statements
• Preparation for interviews
• Line-by-line review of applications

Initial Consultation
During this first and informal meeting with the parent and child, the goals, colleges presently under consideration, an official transcript and standardized test results are reviewed. $100 (Credit towards package price.)

Package 1
This is a comprehensive college counseling program, but with a limit of 10 hours. Typically, Ray and the student meet once a month from the start of the program. Package 1 begins in the fall of the senior year and continues through completion of the application process. $1,850

Package 2
A comprehensive college counseling program but with UNLIMITED hours! Also, it includes merit and sports scholarship work and financial assistance and a free Career and Interest Survey. This program puts me on a retainer for the entire college selection process for your child. Although the number of hours varies, I will see you through the entire process and successfully through the freshman year of college.
9th & 10th Graders $3,500
11th & 12th Graders $3,200

Transfer Admissions Package
This package is for students transferring from one 4-year or community college to another. We help students set goals and understand the courses to be transferred. The Field of Study/Major is the most important key in this advising. College search, application preparation, essay review and critique and the interview preparation are also included in this package. $1,850

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