Math tutors serving Boston area including Brookline and Weston.
"Offers affordable, individualized, in-home tutoring."

About Our Tutors

We want only the best tutors working with your child.

Education Perspective’s tutors are professional and qualified. We conduct an extensive interview and require state teaching credentials and/or tutoring experience. Furthermore, we verify all references and perform a thorough background search. Many of our tutors are actively teaching in a school system, are recently retired teachers, or are substitute teachers.

We also draw from the large college community and its many honors students who attend some of the best universities in our area.

Each tutor completes an extensive application process, and their references and credentials are checked. Our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality, privacy and safety doesn't stop there. Education Perspective conducts surveys with our clients to attain student ratings and feedback to continually improve session quality.

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