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Every parent wants to help their child succeed in school. When it comes to homework, here are some tips for keeping your child on track:

  • Introduce yourself to your child's teacher at the beginning of the school year. Attend parent-teacher conferences. In today's age it is easy to keep in touch via email.
  • Establish a regular routine during the week. Set aside time for large projects, such as a book report, on the weekend.
  • Turn off the TV when your child is doing homework and set up a study area.
  • Ask about the homework and check to see that it is done.
  • Ask your child to see the homework once it has been graded and note the teacher’s comments.
  • Be eager to help your child with their homework if needed. This will show them your respect and joy for learning. If you can not help them, invest in a resource such as a tutor or online homework help site.
  • If your child needs help, give guidance, not answers! Always be willing to help - but wait for your child to request it.
  • Having trouble concentrating? Take a break! Be sure to decide up front how long the break will be - and stick to it.
  • Most importantly, praise your child and, when appropriate, give them a reward (going to the park, a trip to the movies, or a special snack). This will help them to learn just how hard work pays off!

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