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But couldn't we do all this ourselves?
Yes but the learning curve is steep and time is often limited. Families who work with an educational consultant generally experience less stress and enjoy participating in their child's college search without feeling as though they need to manage it.

My child has an excellent guidance counselor. Can’t I depend on them for the same service?
While high school counselors provide an excellent service, they often do not have the time to cater to each student's individual plan of action and are usually not available on the weekend and after school hours. Moreover, they are under great pressure to keep the college admissions' record for the whole class looking as impressive as possible.

What does a typical consulting relationship include?
Academic records are analyzed, and then a timetable for testing, applications, tours and interviews is arranged. After consulting our extensive database of institutions and entrance requirements, we recommend a range to be further explored, and assist in the decision process. We help to prepare the student for every step of the application and admission process. We can follow up with students throughout the first year after acceptance.

• A continuous focus on finding the “best fit” colleges
• Personal attention to your concerns
• Conferences with you and your child to develop an individual plan of action
• Advice on a standardized testing schedule and test preparation
• Organizational strategies and timelines
• Resume development and presentation
• Assistance with planning college visits
• Assistance with essays and personal statements
• Preparation for interviews
• Line-by-line review of applications

The amount of college information can be so overwhelming. How do you begin to tackle it?
Education Perspective begins with the student’s critical self assessment. The student participates in an in-depth session, which helps to assess their learning styles, academic priorities and goals for college. This assessment results in a list of colleges. The list will also include potential majors.

How do you decide which colleges to focus on?
A more detailed search and discussion of the colleges placed on the first college list will be implemented. Any additions suggested by the parent and/or child will be included at this time. This research process will help the child to know what they are looking for in college that are being considered and to understand the college campuses that match these priorities.

Do you work directly on the application process?
We conduct an application review including application strategies, essay idea development, essay critique and review, and protocol for the recommendations. A resume and standardized test strategy is also discussed.

What about interview preparation?
Education Perspective assists the student in knowing what to expect during the college interview process. Mock interviews are conducted to make the interview less stressful and increase the opportunity to leave a good impression.

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