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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Education Perspective?

We know how busy you are so we offer the ultimate convenience - our tutors come directly to you. You don't need to drive anywhere! Education Perspective tutors will design a program for your child that is based on their school's curriculum. Whether your child attends public or private school we can help.

Is Education Perspective accredited or recognized by a professional organization?

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Yes, Education Perspective is a member of both the National Tutor Association and the Higher Education Consultants Association.

How do I know if my child needs a tutor?

  • Grades begin to slowly drop.
  • The child is frustrated with a particular subject(s).
  • The child thinks negatively of herself or himself due to their school performance.
  • You receive notes from the teacher asking you to assist the child with their homework.
  • The teacher recommends your child have the assistance of a tutor.
  • Grades do not improve no matter how hard the child works.
  • The child is disinterested in learning and becomes rebellious toward school work.
  • The child is an advanced learner, or a gifted student, and has bypassed the local school system.

Why should I hire a tutor?

Tutors have the education and experience in the area that you specifically hire them for. For instance, a child struggling with a foreign language may make great strides learning the language from a tutor whose native tongue is this particular language. Tutors can give one-on-one targeted attention to the child and more readily identify what problem areas a child may have. Teachers, on average, have 25-30 students they need to focus on simultaneously every day.

What are your rates?

We do not have any contracts or testing fees and our rates are reasonable and affordable! We offer, starting at $60, general subjects, e.g. English, language arts, social studies, computer skills, ESL & less mathematically intensive sciences such as earth science, biology, geology, psychology, and sociology. Please note that rates vary based on individual student needs. We also offer, beginning at $70 per hour, technical subjects, e.g. foreign language, mathematics & mathematically intensive sciences.

Where does tutoring take place?

We recommend that the tutor come to you, however, will accommodate the request to meet at a local library. A parent or guardian, who is over the age of 21, is required to be home during the entire tutoring session.

Who are your tutors?

Education Perspective has a dedicated professional tutor available for virtually any subject a student can take. Each season, Education Perspective interviews and examines hundreds of potential tutors from a pool of certified teachers, retired teachers and Ivy League graduate students. We then screen and select for the most superb tutors. All of our tutors have previous teaching or private tutoring experience, engaging personalities, and a passion for teaching. We check all references and personally interview every tutor.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we do not require a long-term contract and there is no minimum number of sessions.

Do your tutors have experience with learning disabled or special needs children?

Yes, many of our tutors are Special Needs certified.

Do you work with home schooled children?

Yes, we will provide a certified tutor.

Are your tutors qualified to aid a college student?

Yes. We work with all learning levels.

How do I begin?

You can contact us at 617.694.5682 or email us at

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